SYSTEMS: Eldee Timing use the Natsoft timing system for software, It is Australian developed and supported out of Tasmania with regular software and updates. After each event we upload your results to for all to see when they get home and print off their own personal copies of results.

After each event we can also email to the organisers copies of the results in PDF format. Supply us with a logo and you can also have them sent with your clubs / organisations logo for your records.


Another Australian based timing system from Melbourne is available for both hire and purchase. Competitors who own their own Dorian’s can have their event timed using Dorian. Most State level and National level meetings and Supersprints use this form of timing. To book a Dorian or call 0402 830 313


LASER LIGHT BEAMS: Is a recently new added system to our collection. We have several sets of beams that are compatible with the Natsoft software. This we have used at car park Motorkhanas, and flying start / finish events. If you are interested in having an event timed that is not at an actual circuit with timing loops fitted… No problem, we can use the Light beams. To book a Laser Light Beam or call 0402 830 313

AMB / My Laps

A Holland based company also supplies to Australia in Speedway. We also have AMB transmitters available for hire for your track days and supersprints. To book an AMB or call 0402 830 313